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Winter tyres, general information

  • Typically, the UK has milder weather than Europe, resulting in the generally low awareness and slow uptake of winter tyres by British motorists.
  • However, when temperatures fall below 7°C, summer tread compounds that work brilliantly in warmer temperatures begin to harden and provide less grip.
  • All-season tyres have been promoted as an effective solution in colder months, depending on the mobility needs and habits of the driver (e.g. city driving, short trips only), but the best performance solution is to use specifically designed seasonal tyres.
  • In many parts of Europe there are legal requirements to fit winter tyres but not in the UK. Carrying snow chains is also compulsory in some countries.
  • The improvements winter tyres can offer are significant, particularly for rear-wheel drive cars. The British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association found that a car braking at 60mph on a wet road at 5°C stopped five metres earlier when fitted with winter tyres, which meet stringent standards of snow and wet performance.
  • With temperature having a significant effect on tyre compound, winter tyres are designed with more natural rubber and advanced silica to remain supple and provide extra grip in freezing conditions.

Falken EUROWINTER VAN01 specifics

  • Tyre is designed to significantly improve wear life and enhance wet and snow traction and handling
  • Has a cutting-edge pattern concept with Adaptive Constant Pressure (ACP). This design ensures consistent pressure distribution across the tyre footprint. This advanced pattern enhances braking performance, directional stability and driving dynamics
  • Compared to its predecessor, snow handling has been improved by 20 percent, snow traction by ten percent and wet braking by five percent (this tyre was introduced in July 2016)
  • Fixed transverse grooves and a centrally staggered tread design intensifies the compression energy exerted on snow and mud and enhances the self-cleaning effect. This ensures reliable and consistent levels of traction in snow and mud
  • 4D Nano Design Technology – cutting edge technology that utilises super computer simulation at the nano-scale to improve molecular bonds between compound components for improved wear life, rolling resistance, fuel efficiency, wet traction
  • Rolling resistance has been reduced by 15 percent and wear life extended by 30 percent versus the predecessor
  • All sizes are marked with the M+S Symbol and the snowflake symbol (3-Peak Mountain Snow Flake)

Falken Tyres

Brand: Falken Tyre

Tyre model: Falken EUROWINTER VAN01

Fitter: Buckingham Tyre and Exhaust Centre 




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