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post-title #AdventureMiles and value exchange

#AdventureMiles and value exchange

#AdventureMiles and value exchange

#AdventureMiles and value exchange
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To put you in the picture, we’re giving up our jobs (or at least James is – I perhaps naively think that I can ‘digital nomad’, vin chaud in one hand, laptop in the other, smoothly gliding through a snowy pine forest with planks stuck to my feet), and we’re heading off on the adventure of a lifetime.

We’re touring the Alps in a spanking new Elddis motorhome clocking up #adventuremiles and collecting information as we go so that other people with ichy feet and a location independent job can do the same.

We’ve had a few hair brain ideas and in a weird twist of fate, we met some amazing people who thought our project was worth getting behind – Elddis, Fall-Line Magazine, Falken Tyres, Autoglym, DFDS Seaways and countless tourist offices across Europe. Honestly mind blowing.

vanlife memeIn 6 weeks we’ll be jobless and ‘of no fixed abode’ and we’re going to make it up as we go along. Anyone who knows either of us will know that this is the biggest hurdle we’ve had to date – not planning. Not scheduling. No itinerary. Torture. Planning defeats the object – we’re snow chasing, seeking out the best conditions, best places to stay and best things to do.

As you can see from our growing list of partners, we’re also attempting to fund this as much via ‘value exchange’ as possible –

If you lend us/supply us with X, can we give you Y in return?

It’s been a lot of fun putting this together and at times extremely stressful but cutting out the £s and pence has been a really fascinating process and we’ve quickly come round to valuing things in an entirely different way.

One thing that’s proved tricky is getting a fuel supplier. So, following various friend’s requesting postcards, mugs and other souvenirs from our travels, we decided to make that a thing.

Want a postcard? Want a mug? Want to visit us? In the spirit of value exchange, if any of those things appeal, you can donate ‘adventure miles’ in return for that kind of stuff from us. Just a bit of fun and hopefully a way to keep our nearest and dearest involved in our escapades.

There’s a bit more to it than that and if you’re curious – please take a look here: we can accept any donation over 4.5 Adventure Miles (£1) and we’re sincerely grateful for anything at all.

Donate Adventure Miles! rewards and souvenirs from £1

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