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post-title The JFDI Road Trip

The JFDI Road Trip

The JFDI Road Trip

The JFDI Road Trip
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Dear Absolutely Nobody (let’s see if anyone is interested in our road trip)

It’s sort of ‘Day One’ … at least an important day… the day pen goes to paper for the first time. We’re going on a road trip. Right now, how that looks is completely up for negotiation but it’s going to be cold. Call it what you want, we’ve just got itchy feet and we’re off.


Phase one: Road Trip Research (RTR)

We’ve worked you lot out. It’s taken a fair few weeks but the game’s up folks. Winter/ski motorhoming is a secret cult.

I get it. The more people know about it, the greater the chances are of it getting ruined by a minority of ski bum yoofs and/or someone commercialising it in a way that completely screws it up with bureaucracy and unworkable costs.

However, I kind of think that the 50ft digital brick wall that conceals much of the helpful information that would make it possible for say….a pseudo-hippy work-fatigued couple to have the adventure of a lifetime …. needs a password protected door at the very least.

C’mon…. let us in. We want to join the party and we can bring the vin chaud!


Note to reader:
  • Neither of us know the first thing about motorhoming
  • James only started snowboarding 4 weeks ago and irritatingly, seems to have picked it up rather quickly
  • At this point in time, we’ve only been seeing one another for four months. If that’s not a reason to keep an eye on this trip and see how that works out then I don’t know what is!

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